NADA Boats – Marine Appraisal Guide

NADA Boats – Marine Appraisal Guide

It is often beneficial to have an idea of the value of a boat, motorboat or PWC before you start looking at buying it. The NADA boats guide is a great resource. The National Automobile Dealers Association is able appraise second-hand boats, personal watercrafts, and marine accessories such as outboard motors or road trailers. This is a great help when negotiating with brokers or dealers.

N.A.D.A appraisals make it easier to determine the value of pre-owned vessels. The boat guide is a tool that can be used to assist buyers and sellers in determining the item’s value. A ballpark outboard boat motors for sale

figure is a good starting point when looking at a boat or jetski for sale. This will make it less likely that the buyer will overpay.

The average retail price is often represented by the prices returned after completing the online application at NADA guides. A sailboat that has been well maintained and is in better condition than the average will likely sell for a higher price than what was indicated in the pricing guide. A boat or motor with less than five model years is likely to give a better picture.

NADA boats has established itself as a reliable name in the field of appraisals. It offers a quick approach to determine the current market value of a boat from 1970 to the present. These price guides can help you decide if it is the right time to upgrade, or to keep the current set-up until financial conditions improve.


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