Inpatient Rehab Rules And Regulations: What To Pack For Rehab

When you make the choice to go to rehab, nobody has forced you against your will to get help. You have made this decision on your own, so you are expected to accept and abide by the rules set forth by your drug rehab center. Here is a list of rules you’ll have to follow during inpatient drug rehab. If you and your partner are interested in getting addiction treatment simultaneously, you should expect to be admitted into separate treatment programs.

rules of rehab

And, depending on the COVID-19 protocols in your area, the number and frequency of visitors may vary. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. First and foremost, make sure your loved ones are in the loop about your decision and that you will be away to get alcohol consumption the medical attention you need. Similarly, employers should be notified, at the least, that you require intensive medical care and will need to take a leave of absence. Finally, any reoccurring bills or responsibilities that you may have should be put in order for the length of your stay.

A person is likely to be discharged from a treatment program for violent behavior or skipping too many therapy sessions. Some programs dismiss people for using drugs or alcohol during treatment, but many recognize that relapse is a part of the recovery process. A first offense may result in adjustments to their treatment plan and additional restrictions for leaving the facility and having visitors. A common criticism of rehab rules is that they follow a one-size-fits-all treatment model, which rarely works.

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The highly structured environment of inpatient drug rehab encourages a new way of life. Each activity has a purpose that supports mental and physical health. Most rehab centers enforce several rules to protect people from triggers and help them learn self-discipline. An inpatient rehab center may have a home-like atmosphere, but it doesn’t offer the same freedom as home.

  • Even if you’re new to living with someone else, it’s important to respect your roommate’s privacy and belongings.
  • In the end, the decision to expel a client is a decision to protect the rest of the residents.
  • Rules regarding romantic relationships are in place to ensure your success in inpatient drug rehab.
  • Also, make sure to look through all the lists on this page to make sure you are following our inpatient treatment rules.

Many individuals rely on their smartphone or some similar electronic device to keep in touch with the outside world. Perhaps the most common question that is asked by someone considering rehab is if they will be allowed to use their phone during treatment. Facilities are faced with a difficult decision when a client breaks the rules.

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You must live clean in the facility, which is why many treatment facility residents go through a medicated detox first. In addition to being sober or clean upon their initial intake, recovering addicts are also prohibited from bringing any drugs into the facility. If you suffer from a medical condition, your needs will be evaluated by the facility caregivers and they will administer any medication you may need. Sana Lake Recovery Center is a Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment program. We offer a safe and trustworthy facility for people struggling with substance abuse. This seal indicates our commitment to continually elevating our standards and providing a superior treatment for substance abuse.

What are the 4 steps of recovery?

You will go through four stages of recovery: treatment initiation, early abstinence, maintaining abstinence, and advanced recovery. These stages were created by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and have helped countless individuals recover from addiction.

We also provide a check-list in the beginning, to make sure you don’t miss anything when you leave. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Our staff are highly trained with dual mental health and substance use licensing.

Rules Regarding Visitors and Relationships in Long-Term Rehab

At Sana Lake, we provide the utmost care for all individuals struggling with addiction. Don’t wait to get the help you deserve.Contactustoday to learn more about our treatment facility and addiction treatment options. Rehabilitation centers will obviously vary greatly in terms of the services offered as a part of their treatment program and in terms of the amenities provided at their facilities. Nevertheless, in general, “rehab” is a place where patients receive substance addiction treatment on an inpatient basis. When you take the first steps towards recovery and enter a treatment program for your substance addiction, you likely understand that it will take a lot of hard work and discipline. What you may not initially realize is that many, if not all, treatment centers have several rules that you will need to follow for the duration of your stay.

One of the most unique things about treatment at Asana Recovery is the commitment we show to our core values in the course of treatment. At the center of the “Asana Way” are our core values of gratitude, mindfulness, teamwork, stewardship and creativity. We understand the challenges of this stage of life, and our program is specifically built to serve the mid-life adult in a meaningful and individualized way. You should feel some sense of hope after rehab and want to improve your life. Again, this doesn’t mean that you can’t say hello to an old friend if you spot them while you’re walking down the street. But you shouldn’t go out of your way to open up a spot in your life for them at this point.

Clients are not allowed to keep drugs or medications in their room, and if they take medications, they are administered to them by the staff. The policy about phone use is not unanimous across all rehab facilities, but the vast majority of these facilities will limit the use of smartphones and other electronic devices. Some may ban their use altogether, whereas some may only allow the use of a phone during certain hours. For instance, people who need to use smartphones or other electronic devices to access email for work may be allowed to do so.

Long-term rehab facilities also typically institute rules regarding the daily schedules of clients. For this reason, it is vital that you learn to develop and stick to schedules. In order to assist you with this, the facility will likely have rules in place regarding when you get up in the morning, when you attend therapy when you eat, and even when you go to bed. While such rules might seem to be quite strict, try to keep in mind that they are intended for your benefit.

No Unapproved Visitors During Treatment

However, some rules are necessary to create a structured environment that encourages personal growth and safety. The best drug rehab programs are tailored to the individual and take personal needs into account when enforcing rules. How strictly the rules are enforced can also depend on the facility, so it’s good to know the policies before enrolling. For more information on typical rules while staying at a drug rehab center, or to explore our comprehensive programs, reach out to an Vertava Health treatment specialist today. Some have a family day once per month that invites family members to connect and learn about their loved one’s treatment progress. Others offer regular family therapy sessions that help family members support each other.

Violating your roommate’s trust can affect their ability to trust you and others in the facility. Since a large part of each person’s successful recovery hinges on peer support, this can derail your roommate’s progress. Additionally, it will strain the relationship between the two of you, making it difficult for you to continue sharing your living quarters. With this in mind, there is a list of things that you should bring with you.

While you are not required to bring these items, it’s important to make sure you are all good to go before arriving. Getting you or a loved one checked into a rehab facility can be one of the hardest, yet best decisions you can ever make. For one, it is considered a submission to authority – that you can’t fight the big fight without someone to help you. Build a support group for yourself that will help you during your troubled times and give you the strength you need. If for whatever reason, you don’t have many people you can turn to for support as you fight to stay sober, you might have to think outside the box to find supportive people.

This will also protect the patient and others inside the facility against illegal possession of these substances. Also, the facility can impose “no visitors allowed” if there is a suspicion of someone smuggling the truth about relapse rates and addiction recovery of illegal substances or if that someone is deemed a bad influence on the patient. Rehab visitation rulesmay vary depending on the facility and the patient’s length of stay inside the facility.

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What is the first step in recovery?

The very first step on the road to recovery is recognizing that you have a problem. This may take a variety of forms, from intervention to self-illumination, but the end result is the same: you realize that your addiction has power over your life that you are unable to control.

We have programs in place to help addicts and a supportive staff that will give you a fighting chance. As long as you don’t threaten the safety of someone else in the community and show a willingness to change, mistakes can be forgiven. With that being said, it’s important to do your best to follow the rules and not abuse the generosity of a drug rehab facility that is trying to help you. Remember, the rules set up during drug rehab are there for a reason, and there’s no reason you can’t adapt. Clients who are in inpatient or residential treatment programs are not allowed to leave the facility unless they have special permissions.

No Drugs Or Alcohol

Make sure you check all the rules and regulations of your facility before leaving. At Sana Lake, we make sure you are all taken care of through the process. Packing for rehab isn’t hard, just make sure you follow all inpatient drug rehab rules and procedures. You’ve taken the first steps towards a better future, now embrace it and start your journey for yourself and your family at home. Inpatient drug rehab programs tend to offer a full-time schedule of therapy sessions throughout the week.

rules of rehab

In the end, the decision to expel a client is a decision to protect the rest of the residents. When a client cannot be trusted to respect the rules, resources must be funneled to oversee that client—resources that would be better used in helping the community. Ultimately, a client who breaks the rules is a client who is not ready to give up their substance use disorder and heal their lives. A client who isn’t committed to the path will only compromise the healing of others if allowed to stay on campus. Essentially, whenever someone asks us to respect a boundary, no matter how arbitrary we think it is, we should honor it. When we respect a boundary, we show respect and love for the person who set it.

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