Improving the Quality of Policing in India Through Shared Service Centers

 Improving the Quality of Policing in India Through Shared Service Centers


The debate rages on the weak quality of policing in India accentuated by the recent incident of sexual assault and subsequent death of a paramedical student in Delhi. 먹튀폴리스  On national television the busy news anchors have engaged politicians, social and civil activists, lawyers, students, women associations and ex-policemen to articulate deterrence for these crimes and strengthen law and order.
Yet what ails policing in India? Is there a need to examine the structure of police? Has anyone debated beyond increasing the count of cops and opening new police stations? Do we prioritize standard operating procedures to enable better monitoring of crime? Is there a single consolidated and shared database on criminals available to all police stations in large and medium urban centers?
To begin with we need to evaluate the core tasks of police in India as detailed below for easy understanding:

  • prevention of crime
    • investigation and detection
    • collation of intelligence
    • security for VIP’s
    • patrolling in border areas and railways
    • monitor and prevent smuggling and drug trafficking

Apart from the above mentioned the police acts as a support to intelligence agencies like Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) etc. to uphold law and order.

Now we need to take a quick glance at the non-core tasks as listed below:

  • investigate economic offences
    • monitor and cure incidents of domestic violence
    • counsel and resolve social conflicts
    • monitor traffic solutions
    • support disaster recovery and management systems
    • oversee reporting systems
    • execute personnel management (leaves, travel allowance etc.)
    • devise and implement duty allocation system



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