Have You Considered Building a Koi Pond on Your Property?

 Have You Considered Building a Koi Pond on Your Property?


Are you looking for an addition to your yard that can bring your family together while adding property value to your home? You should consider building a Koi pond. Homeowners  who build Koi ponds fall in love with them! Here are some information that can help you decide if building a fish pond is a good idea for your property:

What are Koi?

Koi are a Japanese variety of the Carp fish. They are beautiful fish that have bright, vibrant coloring and come in a variety of colors. Some Koi are one solid color, and other Koi can have a mix of red, orange, black, white, blue or yellow. Each one is unique. In Japan, Koi fish symbolize friendship and love. One really neat looking Koi is the Ghost Koi, which has iridescent scales and glistens in the light. Other breeds of Koi include Ogon, Tancho, Asagi, and Taisho Sanshoko – but there are a ton of other breeds that you can choose from.

What Do Koi Symbolize in Feng Shui?

If you have heard of Feng Shui and are not sure what it is, Feng Shui in interior design and landscaping is most simply explained as a way to improve your life by arranging your home and yard in a way that can bring harmony to your life. Koi Fish are a very powerful symbol in Feng Shui. Feng Shui practitioners believe that people who build Koi ponds in their yards will bring wealth, good health, harmony, and happiness to their homes.

How Can I Get Started?

Take a look at your yard, and try to pick the best place for a pond. You will ideally want to build Koi ponds in location that has some shade, and some sun. If possible, you don’t want to pick any area that is shady or sunny throughout the entire day. Once you have picke



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