Green Living Tips – Four Sunlight Ideas for Your Home

Green Living Tips – Four Sunlight Ideas for Your Home

You’re now ready to adopt some green living tips and do your part for the environment.

It’s awesome.

Solar energy is an important step because it makes full use of the unlimited All to Enhance a Healthier Room Décor with Back-lit Frames!. It is expensive to set up a solar panel system.

What else can you do to harness the power of the sun’s rays?

These are four green living tips you can use today to take advantage of the sun’s rays.

1. Get ready to take on the Windows

Windows can lead to heat loss. They are an essential part of the home’s atmosphere, unless you live in complete darkness. What can you do?

First, there are more options than ever. Double-pane and triple pane windows are available. Windows can be filled with inert gases. Low-emittance (low E) coatings are available for windows. They are almost invisible and reduce radiative heat loss. You can also get insulated frames for your windows.

You can decrease the heat loss in your home by up to 75%.

It doesn’t mean you have to replace all of your windows at once. To minimize installation costs and reap the benefits, plan to change only a few windows each year.

2. 2. Tile floors

Consider replacing vinyl flooring or carpeting on the south side of your house with stone tiles. This is where the sun is most prevalent. These tiles will retain heat and absorb it after the sun sets. You can also use rock or stone to retain heat if there is a patio or back porch on the south side.

3. Invite the Sun in

To lighten your home, use natural sunlight as much as you can. You can reduce the amount of artificial light you use, which will help the environment and save you money on electricity. This applies not only to windows but skylights, light shelves and an atrium. Your home should be open to the sun.


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