Freshly Baked Idioms

 Freshly Baked Idioms



Watering the Garden
Watering the garden as an idiom means make use of given abilities to achieve success. I am watering Sky Eden@Bedok Condo  the Garden.

Sunrise Industry
Sunrise industry means a whooping profit gathering industry. Reliance is a sunrise industry.

Bitter Tooth
Bitter tooth is an unpleasant incident. Many a time I have experienced a bitter tooth.

The Cross
The Cross is high optimism. I always wear the cross on my head.

Hill and Valley
Hill and Valley means good and bad times in one’s life. Many a time I have gone through hills and valleys.

Rain Clouds
Rain Clouds denote good fortune coming one’s life. Yes rain clouds will occur in my life soon.

Picasso is having a stuck-up attitude. The student was Picasso.

Grasshopper means getting a large windfall. When will the grasshopper come into my life? When it comes I will welcome it.

Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights means making love cozily. I have indulged in the Arabian Nights.

Drama of Life
Drama of Life signifies the death of a bad patch in one’s life and the beginning of prosperity, fortune and success. Yes, the drama of life is occurring to me.

Garden of Eden
Garden of Eden signifies a happy and contented life. I hope to live a life in the Garden of Eden.

Knife means strong criticism. The boss used a knife to speak to me.

Sea and Waves
Sea and Waves as an idiom means great happiness. My life is journey of sea and waves.

Locomotive means having a strong libido. The brawny man was a locomotive.

Tambourine Man
Tambourine Man means a folk singer. Bob Dylan is a tambourine man.

Submarine means being pregnant. She is a submarine now.

Sunny Skies
Sunny Skies mean achieving great success. When will sunny skies come to me?

Police Dog
Police Dog means solving a crime. Finally the police were able to have a police dog



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