Five Must See London Attractions

 Five Must See London Attractions


If you’re going to be visiting London for the first time, you’d be wise to maximize the use of your time in this amazingly vast, divers and historical metropolis  Piccadilly Grand Showflat by prioritizing. Following are five London attractions which should be must-sees on your list of things to do!

Piccadilly Circus

No, we’re not suggesting that you spend some of your precious hours in London under a bigtop. Piccadilly Circus, at the intersection of five of London’s major thoroughfares, is the British equivalent of New York’s Times Square, with neon-lit glitz to suit. If you want London nightlife, head for Piccadilly Circus, where your fun will be watched over by the roundabout’s fountain and statue of the archer now called simply “Eros.”

Piccadilly Circus is named for the piccadill collar so popular among gentlemen of the 17th century, and within a block or two of Piccadilly today are some of London’s most avant-garde fashion shops. Piccadilly Circus is also within walking distance of several London arcades, the precursors of today’s shopping malls.

Trafalgar Square and the London Brass Rubbing Centre

If your trip to London is a family affair, or you simply love to collect unique souvenirs of your travels, a trip to the Crypt at St.-Martin-in-the-Fields Church at Trafalgar Square will be well worth your time. At the Church’s Brass Rubbing Center, you can purchase a kit of papers and special waxes, and do your own rubbings of characters straight out of British history, from knights in armor and damsels in distress to Shakespeare himself. If you make a mistake with your rubbing technique, the staff at the Brass Rubbing Centre will be right there to undo the damage!

No matter the time of day, you can have a meal at the Brass Rubbing Centre’s café in the Crypt, where you’ll be treated to traditional British food at its best from a full English breakfast with a high tea or evening dinner. Your meal will be freshly prepared with ingredients from British suppliers.

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