Computer Components  

Computer Components


A computer is a programmable device that performs mathematical calculations and logical operations which can process, store and retrieve large amount of data quickly. These computers are available in different types and sizes. Two types of computers are,

  • Portable,
    • Desktop.

The computer components are power supply, hard disk drives, CD ROM and floppy drives, monitor, keyboard, mouse and motherboard. The motherboard consists of microprocessor, memory and drive controllers. It is one of the core components of computer and has the support for video, sound and networking cards.

The mother board also consists of various computer components such as Central Processing Unit (CPU), chipset, Random Access Memory (RAM), BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and internal buses. Power supply component includes power cord, switch and cooling fan. The main job is that it converts alternating current into direct current and provides different voltages to the different parts of computer.

Video display controller is one of the important computer components. It produces the output for the computer monitor and is built either inside the motherboard or inside the PCI, AGP in the form of a graphics card. The various computer components are also used for computer storage. It includes Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), floppy disk, USB drive etc.



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