Best Horror Movies to Watch: World Cinema

 Best Horror Movies to Watch: World Cinema


Despite being liked by all, we don’t see many horror-movie releases every year. From a director’s point of view making a horror film is always a double edged sword’s game; it can make the audience fear or laugh. In fact, we Rishabh Bhola see many movies of horror-comedy genre performing well at the box office. The horror – comedy genre came to the existence by accident, and that was the failure of horror film turning into comedy ones.

No doubt, our filmmakers around the globe are trying hard to make us fear and only fear, because a good horror film can make our ‘night’.

Why Horror Movies Fail: six to seven out of ten horror films fail. The failure ratio is, if truth be told, very high around the globe. The reason being it is the lack of plot. The most exploited plot is ‘couples entering their new house, located in the wilderness, and something unexplainable starts taking place.’ Most of our popular docudramas like A Haunting, The Haunted, etc., are based on it. Episodes after Episodes we see the same plot, and finally it turns boring, and we shut it.

There is another reason behind the failure of such flicks, and that is lack of creativity. Our writers fail to bring new tactics to make us fear. We have seen enough of ‘hearing something’, ‘seeing something’, ‘being touched by something’, and something. Our writers have been struggling with these phenomena since the very early days of the beginning of this genre. But they are helpless, this is how supernatural activities happen, they can’t leave or ignore this.

What make horror movies succeed: that is our innate desire to experience fear, death and supernatural occurrences. It is only our desire that we swarm to movie theatres when a critic gives a good rating to a horror flick. It is the basic instinct of a human that question our existence and the existence of ‘the others’. We want to know what happens when we die, or if the dead ones try to contact us, or if we can contact the dead ones- our loved ones. And this is what makes supernatural cinema hit.



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