Poker Book Report: Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book by Phil Gordon


Have you been thinking about what Phil Gordon has been doing since leaving Celebrity Poker Showdown? What’s more, where has he been since The Little Green Book turned into a smash hit poker book that gave succulent competition procedure and a ton of poker-love between its charming little covers? Alright, perhaps not, yet when Phil Gordon isn’t composing, it truly is our aggregate misfortune, so I really do will quite often follow along.


As though we didn’t have the foggiest idea, Phil Gordon has been playing poker. Just in anticipation of The Little Blue Book, Phil was adequately thoughtful to take notes. The consequence of those notes is a gathering of illustrations and hand examination explicitly worked out in No Limit Hold’em games where Phil was the central member, typically confronted with a significant choice.


As you might know, Phil Gordon has an exceptionally engaging way of portraying NL Poker hands. What could without much of a stretch be an exhausting talk of chances ยูฟ่าเบท    , position, stack, profiling and so on. Gordon plays a hand out like theater, permitting you to feel the member’s pressure, the satisfaction of settling on a basic decision, and the indignation and sorrow of being long. Shockingly better, in a few of these hands Phil shows you how he veered off-track, obviously making a not exactly heavenly play, and afterward making sense of how you can keep away from such circumstances yourself.


The circumstances range from online competitions, qualifying competitions, significant purchase in competitions, online NL cash games, and live NL cash games in probably the most delightful club on the planet. The money games carry another point to Gordon’s composition as he has as of not long ago centered his composing gifts around NL competitions. Furthermore, these hands are extremely fascinating. In one live gambling club game, he was far ahead and got his adversary to commit about $15,000 to of his chips to the pot, just to be managed sprinter precious stone sickout. Oof. Pot was $30,000!


Every one of the hands accompany a basic, simple to-peruse table view with no diverting, differentiating designs. Phil then proceeds to make sense of the vital subtleties and brings us through his reasoning interaction as the hand creates. Phil’s lowliness is consistently wanted here as he applies it with an entertaining turn and tells us generally that he also can be sickened notwithstanding hostility from a scary rival.


A portion of these intriguing hands include Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harmon, Chris Ferguson, Chris Moneymaker and DevilFish Ulliot. Fundamentally you get into a few extremely high stakes games here, and feel the hostility dead on.


Albeit The Little Blue Book isn’t quite as enamoring as The Little Green Book, shockingly, that is a demonstration to follow. In any case, definitely worth the 25 bucks as it is a simple, charming read with provocative, game propelling counsel and would make an extraordinary gift for your poker love too.

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