11. Mia Tuean (The latest Illicit Spouse) 2014

11. Mia Tuean (The latest Illicit Spouse) 2014

Handsome player Kongpop productivity household after finding out that their father died. The guy gets mad as he finds out one their father willed an incredible number of baht in order to Namnueng, a lady he’s never heard of prior to.

In truth, Kongpop and Namnueng’s fathers was previously good friends and exposed upwards a business together with her. But Kongpop’s father turned greedy and you may swindles Namnueng’s dad’s express of the business.

Kongpop plots to help you nueng and also have the girl sign along side currency back once again to your instead the girl degree. not, what takes place whenever Kongpope in fact falls in love with Namnueng and you may she no longer wants anything to manage with him?

Kade support Fah whenever their wallet is stolen and matches regarding the fresh thief. The guy instantaneously falls in love with the girl and offers to drop their of within try these out hospital in which the woman ill father try sleep.

Fah, declining to bother Kade any more than simply this lady has already, simply leaves in the place of telling your. When Kade sees Fah entering a car with a person, her step-sister’s boyfriend, Kade gets resentful and you can jealous.

Fah suits Kade once more whenever her stepmother requires the woman to get results in the Kade’s house. Kade are an entirely altered people, usually jealous and you may acting out. Fah can simply guarantee that the sweet child who aided the woman previously continues to be in this your.

twelve. Cubic: Nee Hua Jai Tee Mai Dai Kor 2014

Lin Lang Ser is actually a proper-known powerful mafia workplace in Hong kong. When Ruthainark’s father owes him a big loans and that’s incapable to pay they right back, the guy believes to get married Ruthainark’s sibling.

Ruthainark is not as beautiful due to the fact the girl aunt, but she actually is extremely intelligent. Ruthainark finds herself up against Lin Lang Ser immediately after the woman cousin and you may father try to escape. She actually is captured rather and you can delivered to Lin Lang Ser’s residence.

13. Majurat Come across Nam Pueng (Honey-colored God out-of Dying) 2013

A couple family members, Madame Lamphao and Madame Preme, had generated a spoken arrangement you to kids create feel hitched one-day.

Once the infants was raised, Romereuthai try expected so you’re able to wed Paat. But she rejected just like the she thought that all nation people was indeed old-fashioned and you will too traditional on her behalf.

Romereuthai asks Rojanasnai to help you marry Paat instead, however, she currently possess someone she appreciated. Whenever Romereuthai shows that Rojanasnai is an implemented dily hope.

Due to the fact Romereuthai marries Paat and you can believes to live on with him to have 3 months, this woman is usually endangered from the your saying that their loved ones will see conflict when the she previously simply leaves.

fourteen. Rak Sutrit (Choose to the extreme) 2013

Ittirit is actually an early, rotten scholar that is c by an instructor secretary, Chon. He addressed her improperly and therefore to acquire right back at the your, she informs this new headmaster one to Ittirit try cheat.

Ittirit’s father plus the general of regional police are extremely disturb. He chooses to assist Ittirit and you may employs Chon so you’re able to teacher and you may help Ittirit violation their attempt.

They both have already began towards wrong-foot, and you may Ittirit will continue to forget Chon because their tutor, of the venturing out to participate cycle events.

fifteen. Pin Anong (A great Woman’s Hairpin) 2012

Yai runs on the move when he was the cause of loss of his stepmother’s partner. Let down that have just who their father ily.

Age after, whenever their dad died, Yai output into family members ranch to help you claim his inheritance and you may take the ranch back regarding their evil and you may scheming stepmother.

Yai had for ages been crazy about Pin and you can gets actually way more envious when he finds out one to she’s crazy about their stepmother’s guy Na rather. Yai continues on his act of a detrimental boy, however, often the guy ever inform you exactly who they are to Pin?

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