LED Rope Lighting – A Work of Art With Lights

 LED Rope Lighting – A Work of Art With Lights


LED rope lighting takes the invention of LED technology a step further in its flexibility of uses. There is something magical about a rope-like strand of material that 80w led street light

not only lights up but also is pliable enough to twist, bend and be tied into knots! Rope light clips can be used to mount it almost anywhere.

All the while it remains cool to the touch and draws only the tiniest amount of electricity. This eye-catching item can be bought in many lengths and is stored on a spool. Just think of the possibilities!

While in search of this glowing creation of light you will find that all the colors of the rainbow are available – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. There are even two tones of white rope lights – a “warm” beige tone and a “cool” bluish tone – depending on the mood you wish to convey. There are round ropes and stiffer flat ropes that are perfect for under the cabinets, on bookshelves and as cove illuminators.

LED rope lighting can also be made to flash, fade and simulate a chasing movement with an adaptor. There are ropes that mimic the traditional Christmas tree lights. The huge difference here is that LED lasts for years and years and puts out no noticeable heat – a bonus for you when you drag out the decorations and one for the tree as well.

Many businesses use LED rope lighting in their store windows and display cases inside. Museums are highlighting works of art and specialty items with LED. Even entire streets can be draped with this versatile item as well as the outlines of buildings. Many cities are converting to this option to decorate with LED rope lighting for the holidays, and are saving very large percentages of money on energy costs.

Travelers in campers, RV’s and tour buses can be seen sporting these glowing ropes of colors on their vehicles and at their destinations. Cars, trucks and motorcycles display their signature cool white ropes under and on the vehicles giving them that hovering look as they pass down the road.



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